Dieting doesn't work long term, and it creates disordered eating patterns like overeating, food obsession, and yo-yo dieting. 'Dieting' encompasses all forms of restriction, including calorie counting, limiting food groups, clean eating, strict healthy eating, detoxes, cleanses, meal plans, and diet plans like keto, WW, Noom, etc."

  • Diets where people are told not to eat a certain food increase overeating of that food by 133%*
  • More than half of all weight loss is regained within 2 years**
  • More than 2 years after dieting, 83% gain more than they lost**
  • The average diet for women lasts 4 weeks**
             *Psychology Today  **Medical Clinics of North America


We start by changing our relationship with food, our body, and healthy living for long-term results that are attained by making simple and sustainable changes.

  •  Turn your "I should eat healthy" into a natural desire to do so
  •  Boost your metabolism and curb your cravings 
  •  Enjoy the foods you love without overindulging (guilt & shame free)
  •  Eat to support your overall health, energy & vitality
  •  Conquer emotional eating patterns & overeating
  •  Simplify healthy eating so it doesn't feel like a chore 

Personal Stories and Client Testimonies

I’ve tried so many things over the years; bariatric surgery, meal replacements, meal services, personal trainers, nutritionists, and I've never been able to get to my goal and maintain it.  After struggling with eating disorders in my early twenties, I haven't had a healthy relationship with food or my body, and I wanted to change that.  I really wanted to lose weight, too, but I knew that I needed to work on how I eat. My biggest frustrations were that I felt that because I’d “tried everything,” there was nothing that would ever work for me, and that I was the problem- an unfixable person.

My goals were to stop the emotional eating, build a gym routine, and have less pain overall from movement.  I've been consistently going to the gym now for 8 weeks.  My emotional eating is being managed through changes in mindset AND eating habits. I have significantly lessened the instances where I have emotional or binge eating episodes. My joint pain has lessened as well, and I think it's a combination of the way I'm eating, getting in movement, taking supplements, and just general self-care.

What I wasn't expecting was the mental/emotional growth that I've experienced - I feel better about myself and my abilities, and it’s getting easier to believe that I am NOT unfixable.  (I'm not “broken” either - I am just a normal person on a journey of growth and improvement).

She helped me work on my thoughts around the issues and how I could think differently and ultimately make better choices. And I really like that I am building habits that I think are sustainable. I think that it has greatly impacted my mental and physical health.  For mental health, I have less anxiety around eating because I feel equipped to make good choices.  I constantly think about how I can make upgrades, and at the same time, still enjoy the foods I like.  I think that less anxiety has improved my overall mood, and instead of feeling frustrated and overwhelmed and just STUCK in my problems, I feel empowered to work through them.   I feel more confident to try new challenges and accept positive feedback from coworkers. I am learning to be kinder to myself and invest in my mental health and well-being through mental exercises and meditation. 

There are so many positive things to say about the journey, but it is still difficult.  That doesn't mean that you can't do it - it's just a challenge to be faced.  Facing it with Jill for guidance and support is an amazing experience and honestly made it easier for me.  I struggled with a lot of the “emotional stuff”, and it's painful sometimes, but it's really worth it to invest in yourself and work with Jill.  She knows how to help you help yourself, to make better choices, and most of all, to really focus on this journey as a lifestyle change and not reaching a goal and then stopping.  If you really want to change, and are willing to put in the work, you don't have to do it alone! 

Jessica Rosik

Food and exercise consumed my life each and every day.  I worried about the foods I ate, how much I was eating, how much I exercised, etc.  I wouldn’t let myself take a day off.  I would constantly be weighing myself and my mind was consumed with negative thoughts about my body. 

I also didn’t like that I wasn’t being present for my family since all I did was worry about food and exercise.  I wanted to be free but thought there was no hope until I met Jill and started working with her. 

She helped me change my mindset, change my relationship with food, and even got me to workout less.  She gave me super helpful tips and techniques that I use now on a daily basis.  She was always there for me with whatever I needed each week and I never felt judgment from her.  Knowing that she had been there in my shoes before and made it through, gave me the hope and determination that I could be free and happy in skin. 

Loving yourself is the best gift and this program helped me get there.

Kelly Kramer

"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Jill Moellering over these last 12 weeks. I have learned much. She has helped pull the curtain back when it comes to understanding the importance of quality input if one desires quality output.

After our 12 weeks, I feel more empowered than ever as I know what to look for in quality food, how to make good choices whether at home or out to eat, and how to eat with dominion.

I'm so grateful to have had this in-depth time with a consummate nutritional professional as I've learned I can live without constant diets or life I'm missing out on life. It doesn't have to be that way!

I no longer feel like I'm held captive to the junk that seems to surround us on a daily basis. As an added bonus, I am grateful to share this new knowledge with my family. Thank you, Jill."

Katy McKinney

"Jill has been a huge asset to me. Her help and guidance has helped me understand how food affects me. She is supportive, available and responsive. Working with her has really opened my eyes and I highly recommend her. If you want to make a serious change with your diet she is definitely the best support you can have!"

Catherine Woodside

"I've noticed incredible balance in my mood, energy and my 'cravings' for unhealthy foods are no longer present. I feel light and clear and fully satisfied with the foods I've been eating this month. I never once felt hungry or deprived cutting out certain foods that were setting me up to be tired, groggy and irritable.

Throughout the start of the program to present, I've lost a total of 17 pounds. I continue to gain strength and speed with faster recovery during my windows of movement and exercise.

The clarity she brought me regarding food and her approach to teaching and delivering information was everything I could've hoped for.

I recommend this program to anyone who may feel confused about what foods to eat to live a healthy lifestyle. Her gentle and shame-free guidance was exactly what I needed to take that next step in my health. Thanks, Jill!!"

Sarah Quinlan

About Me

As a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and a grateful believer in Jesus Christ, I have struggled in my life with my relationship with food, my self-worth, negative body image, and other lies from the enemy.

I became a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner to heal my digestive issues, fatigue and chronic headaches and although I learned a great deal about supporting the bodies systems and it's own power to heal, I also created an unhealthy relationship with food in my body in the process. Labeling foods is good and bad and labeling myself is good and bad whether I'd participated in eating certain foods that day or based on how much I'd eaten. I wrestled with binge eating, emotional eating and my confidence and self-esteem tanked when I didn't live up to my own expectations or societies expectations of what I should eat and what my body should look like.

I tried to rely on my own power, and understanding to make the changes in my life that I thought would lead to happiness. As I started to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus I learned the lies of the enemy and at the same time, my relationship with food was changing. I started to understand that restriction created more of a desire and obsession for the foods that I was limiting. I started to have more grace and acceptance for myself and my life started to transform.

I now understand that good health should come from a place of self-love, and be a source of joy, empowerment. Not a never-ending battle with restrictive diets and guilt-ridden choices and I was only able to do that through God's love and truth.

With years of experience as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I am on a mission to shift the narrative around health and well-being and help women find freedom, joy and happiness in a body that they love and a life that they enjoy.

Programs and Services


Private Health Coaching

Receive personalized nutritional coaching in a private, one on one setting with premier level support and accountability. Experience the unparalleled benefits of real-time personal feedback and support through text messaging, ensuring your success. Package options vary, please schedule a call to learn more about this service.

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This online course and community has been carefully crafted to help you change your relationship with food, your body and with the way you view healthy living.


Whether you've been on the dieting roller coaster for years or you just want to focus on a sustainable healthy way of living that supports your physical, mental and spiritual well-being, Freedom & Flourish will transform your relationship with food and your body while freeing you from the guilt shame and low self-esteem that's been holding you back. You'll develop a strong, healthy body that radiates with confidence and allows God's light to shine brightly from the inside out.

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The Wellness Works Women's Program

This five-part series equips women with the knowledge, skills and mindset necessary to improve their health in a practical, sustainable way that promotes mental well being.

Employers benefit from this program through reduced health care costs, increased productivity, enhanced employee engagement and loyalty while fostering a happy fulfilling work life balance for their employees. 

This program was specifically designed for business women who often struggle the most with balancing an out of the home career while having to plan and prepare healthy meals at home; on top of having to deal with societies pressures of maintaining a lean fit body.

Please schedule a call with me to learn more about this service.

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Women breaking free from diet culture. The community you didn't know you needed.


If you're a women who struggles with disordered eating habits (overeating, binge eating, stress eating) and struggles with negative body image, this group is exactly what you need!  Join real women sharing their experience, strength and hope on their journey to transforming their relationship with food while nourishing the body God gave them. A space where we lift each other up with encouragement, support, love, accountability, identification, and the message of hope. Get access to weekly live videos, resources, notifications of upcoming masterclass webinars and an amazing group of women.


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Your Cravings Control Guide


Learn the nutritional framework to balance protein, carbs and fats in a way that will


Minimize cravings

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Simplify Healthy Eating

Enable you to enjoy the foods you love in moderation